Saturday, February 21, 2015

Book Review: Operation Bumpkin Birthday

It’s not easy being a rat. Three brothers, Snitch, Snatch and Sketch, are tired of scavenging for scraps of food down in the subway where they live. One night, they go on an adventure through the city so that they will never go hungry again.
After arriving at a large house, they discover that the next day, a children’s birthday party is planned for young Horatio Bumpkin. The brothers hatch a clever plot to break into the house during the festivities and steal as much food as possible—without getting caught. But one greedy brother spoils the plan with a plan of his own.

My thoughts:
This is a really good children's book.  It's about three rat brothers:  Snitch, who was the small white rat, that stuttered due to a crooked front tooth.  Sketch, who was not nice and had a temper.  He was black and also wore a patch over one eye.  And than there was Snatch, the oldest of the three brothers.  He was gray and  was always wanting to eat.  That is what made him happy.
Since there wasn't enough food to eat, Sketch had made a decision that it was time for them to move on.  So off the three brother rats went, following Sketch's lead.  They ended up at the Bumpkin family home. They hit the jack pot.  They just knew they would never grow hungry again.
Just so happened there was going to be a birthday party for young Horatio Bumpkin.  The three rat brothers were to go inside, fill there bags and head back out.  But Snatch had his own plan to eat as much as he could in the Bumpkin home.  Well, all three rat brothers get caught in the Bumpkin home. Two rats are able to escape, although one had his tail cut off by Mrs. Bumpkin.  But the rat brother that got caught in the birthday cake did not escape, only to end up in a cage.  Where he will never go hungry again, but will never see his two brothers again that he loved and missed.  
This book has detailed colored pictures throughout the book.  My seven year old son and ten year old daughter enjoyed reading this book along with me. My son was a little sad at the end when the three rat brothers are separated.  It is a really good read, with an important lesson to learn.

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momo said...

This looks like such a sweet book, I would read it to my grandson-

VickeC said...

my grandkids would love for me to read to them

Janet W. said...

Sounds like a great book! My grandsons would love the pictures, too!