Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tic Stac Toe - Holiday Gift Guide

Tic Stac Toe (a unique twist on Tic Tac Toe) — The world's favorite game of X's and O's goes extreme in this exciting version where 4 in a row on any level wins! Place one of your pieces on the game base or on top of any piece that's already been played. Stay alert for opportunities to get four-in-a-row. It can happen in ANY direction (vertically, horizontally or diagonally), and even across different levels. Features 66 high-quality 2" playing pieces. 

Tic Stac Toe takes your favorite and most basic childhood games and takes it to the next level! Every parent can appreciate the games of their childhood brought forth into a new light for family fun!

Our Thoughts

I remember the days as a child, before computers took over our lives, when I would sit for hours playing all the classic games. It seems we have to be pretty innovative today to keep kids entertained with our most basic games and Tic Stac Toe has accomplished this by taking it to a whole new level. There are so many ways to win in this game and you really have to use your brain. It is not just the three in a row, but it is like a puzzle too because you can win on different levels too!

The setup of the game is very simple. You have the board that the pieces click into and then all your colored X's and O's. It literally took less than one minute for me to explain this game to my five and eight year old and off they went and had a blast! They both really liked the different possibilities of winning and they both just kept going and seeing how many rows they could make. It is like a strategy game and it is great for keeping my kids entertained (and lets be honest, it was fun for me too!). This is a perfect game to surprise your kids with this holiday season!

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Reviewed by Jackie