Monday, September 1, 2014

Princess Cupcake Jones Won't Go To School!

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Princess Cupcake Jones returns in the second book of the Princess Cupcake Jones Series. This modern day princess, who loves her tutu and playing with her toys, is about to begin school...but refuses to go! Cupcake tries everything to avoid her first day from pretending to be sick to even hiding! However, Mom stays one step ahead of her. Only after arriving at school and meeting a new friend does Cupcake realize that school might not be as scary as she thought

My thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book.   It is one that should be read to any child who has the jitters about the very first day of school.  I actually read this with my ten year old daughter, who was a lot like Cupcake .   She would cry and try anything to not have to go to school.  We each laughed at all the different things Cupcake would do to try and stay home.  Like acting sick and hiding under her bed.

This book brings to light to any child that it is okay to be nervous about their first day of school, but once you get there you will see that it isn't bad and you will make friends easily.  I really like that in this book Cupcakes mom, Queen didn't give into Cupcakes fear of her first day but rather encourage her that all will be okay. 

I have an in home daycare and will be reading this to a little girl who is going to school for the first time. 

This is a great book to add to you personal library if you have little ones in school.


An Apel a Day said...

My parents could have used this for me. I was so afraid to go when I was little.

VickieC said...

how cute,,i have several grandchildren starting school this year

Edna Williams said...

My granddaughter will be starting school next year, and this would be great for her!