Sunday, August 17, 2014

Post-it Brand Colors of the World: Use them for anything, anytime, anywhere!

This fall, the Post-it Brand is introducing a range of fun yet practical solutions for the whole family to transition into the new school year. Personalize your space with Post-it Pop-up Note Dispensers, add a splash of global style to your daily routine with the Post-it Brand Colors of the World Collection, make homework / study time more productive with Post-it Study Products and more!

Add a stylish twist to your daily routine with the Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection featuring Post-it Notes in 4 fresh color palettes inspired by exotic destinations like Mykonos, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and New York City.

My Thoughts:

Forget tying a string around your finger. Er, I mean—don’t bother with the string anymore. There’s something better to help you remember. Post-it Products come in all different colors, and Post-it Brand's new line of notes inspired by cities of the world is a product to remember for sure. I love all the bright colors; they help me zero in on what I want to recall, fast. 

Don’t want to forget the bread at the grocery store? Post-it Notes.

Want to keep track of why your neighbor keeps giving you dirty looks? Post-it Notes.

I use my Post-it Notes for work; I run my own business out of my home, so there’s nothing better than Post-it Notes to help me remember.

Never mind the string around your finger. Just write what you want to remember backwards on a Post-it Note, then affix it to your forehead. That way, any time you stand in front of a mirror, you’ll exclaim, “Ah! That’s right, I have to remember to pick up wing-nuts at the hardware store.” Just remember to spell correctly. Writing backwards is hard work!

Easy. Convenient. Wonderful. Colorful. Post-it Brand.

Rosa demonstrates one of the many ways she utilizes Post-it Notes.
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Lex said...

I am post-it obsessed! I love the teal colours!

rochelle said...

I love these they come in handy

Barrie Mac said...

I need to purchase several of these and place them all around my house!!

alissa apel said...

I could so use these for work. I'm a teacher.

Anonymous said...

I love all the colors shown--it makes work so much more enjoyable! Thank you for sharing!!

VickeC said...

I always put some of these in my daughters stocking at Christmas,she uses them all the time

Edna Williams said...

I love these! Gotta get some.

Robin Wilson said...

My husband has come to learn that you never know where you might find one of them! I use them to help me remember all kinds of things.