Monday, March 10, 2014


Barbie™ stars as Lumina™, a mermaid who dreams of being a princess.  As long as she can remember, she’s had a magical power that makes pearls dance and glow! Lumina™, and her best friend Kuda, a pink seahorse, embark on an adventure to a majestic mer-kingdom. There, she uses her powers to help her friends prepare for the Royal Ball. Lumina™ then discovers that her magical pearls are the key to unlocking her true destiny and ultimately saving the kingdom.


 My Thoughts

Barbie returns for an underwater tale filled with magic and intrigue. In this new film, Barbie is Lumina, a beautiful mermaid who has the power to make pearls dance and glow.  With just a flick of her fingers she can use her pearls to make anything beautiful and even create some fancy hairstyles. All her life Lumina has dreamed of becoming a princess. When she receives an invitation to the ball, she and her little seahorse companion Kuda set off on an adventure to the mer-kingdom where Barbie looks for the answers to her destiny. She uses her special abilities to help decorate for the royal ball, and in process she learns that her magic might be the key to unlocking her future She also makes lots of friends including a variety of other mermaids and even an octopus. Of course, there's also a hint of romance with one of the merman at the castle.

Barbie and the Pearl Princess is a wonderful family film. Kids will adore the bright colors of this underwater world. The music is fast-paced and upbeat. Like all the Barbie movies, there are lessons about friendship and staying true to yourself. Every little girl should have this movie in their collection.

To go along with the fun release of the DVD, some beautiful new toys will be swimming onto store shelves. My daughter was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the new mermaid dolls, and she thought they were fantastic.

The Pearl Princess mermaid dolls have beautiful fins with realistic scales embellished with pearls. The doll is able to bend at the waist to allow for sitting or swimming. Both her necklace and bra top are drawn onto her body. My daughter is four and I really prefer the dolls this way because she can't lose  the pieces. This also allows for the doll to be submerged if you'd like to play with it in the bathtub or the pool. In Barbie's hair you'll find a pretty crown and a string of pearls with a comb attached to the end of it. The comb allows you to scoop up her hair in a variety of styles. This was a little challenging for my younger daughter but older kids should enjoy being able to style Barbie's hair. Younger kids will love being able splash around with their own magical mermaid! Its a win-win for girls of all ages.

There are several other mermaid dolls with different colored fins including pink and orange. With Easter only a few weeks away, both the The Pearl Princes Movies and the dolls would make a great basket stuffer!  If you're interested in getting The Pearl Princess on DVD or grabbing one of the toys , they are available now in stores nationwide including Target or online at Mattel. Also be sure to visit Barbie on face book for lots of fun activities.


Marcia Lee said...

I appreciate that the Barbie movies teach the value of friendship. In my Bible club we teach the kids that they should be the kind of friend that they would like to have.

lilyk said...

This toy and DVD look very interesting!