Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Nocciolata

 I’d like to introduce you to Nocciolata, Italy’s organic chocolate/hazelnut spread. Nocciolata is crafted using carefully selected ingredients such as dark chocolate from the Antillean Islands, Italian hazelnuts (16%), brown sugar, skim milk and Bourbon vanilla extract.

This deliciously smooth spread is gluten-free, kosher and has no palm oil, hydrogenated fat, artificial flavors or artificial colors. Nocciolata can be enjoyed on toast or croissants and is also a great ingredient for enhancing the flavor of any cake, cookie or muffin recipe. Try adding Nocciolata to your favorite holiday dessert this season!

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Our Thoughts

How could you not get excited about this jar! It's not only chocolatey, it's good for you and it's organic!

I love the jar my Nocciolata came in, very petite yet a lot in there. The taste really packed a punch. You can easily spread this on a sandwich, bagel, brownie, cake... you name it and this will taste good!

I didn't need to do that though, I just ate it straight out of the jar! A couple spoonfools and any sweet tooth I had was justly satisfied.

My two daughters also enjoyed the taste of this, as we're trying to eat a wider range of nuts aside from the ordinary peanut butter I thought this was a good experiment. They loved it!

A very cute, romantic gift for the holidays for a loved one or just for that chocolate lover in the family!
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Reviewed by Jackie