Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Natural Hydrating Mask For Summer-Parched Skin Review

***Product was received for free in exchange for an honest review.***

Have you heard the awful stereotype that organic, all-natural skin care products don't work as well as the toxin-filled ones? That really frosts our cookies!
Thankfully, the new 100% natural skin care collection by green&glam has successfully created products that WORK using only the best certified organic ingredients and sustainably sourced natural oils.  Just in time for summer, Green&glam has released a fabulous new mask that is a must-have for summer-parched skin, the Hydrate Antioxidant Mask

Summer months mean long days spent outdoors in the sun, which means we need to take extra care of our skin to reverse the sun's effects. The Hydrate Antioxidant Mask is a leave-on mask that is super-hydrating and offers environmental protection and anti-aging benefits. 

Here's the science-y stuff that proves this all natural product packs just as much of a moisture-punch as the chemical-based stuff:
  • Lupine protein boosts cellular activity and the skin's natural resurfacing systems and protects against skin damage and environmental stress. It is also proven to reduce water loss in the skin. 
  • Two additional plant-based ingredients provide hydration and revitalize the skin: trehalose protects skin fibroblasts from dehydration by protecting the water in cell tissues, while sodium hyaluronate mimics the structure of hyaluronic acid, a necessary constituent in body tissues whose function is to retain moisture. 
  • A number of powerful extracts provide antioxidant benefits and improve cell turnover for faster skin renewal, including Camellia sinensis and sea buckthorn fruit.  
  • Application: Apply to face and neck. Do not rinse off. Can be used as an overnight treatment. Skin is left soft and supple. Fine lines are diminished. Results are immediate!
Our Thoughts

I am thoroughly enjoying this product from Organic Beauty Now. My absolute favorite scent in the world is rose and you can definitely smell it in this mask. Mine is also combined with ylang ylang and that is the scent (essential oil) I use to freshen up the air in my house because it is so calming and reminds me of sunshine!

When I first put this on my face, I was disappointed. Only because I wanted to put it ALL OVER my body, not just my face LOL!! I really cannot express how divine this smells. I left it on for about two minutes and then rinsed with cold water. My skin felt instantly refreshed and there was no icky oily residue that occurs with many other products. I am very satisfied and recommend this product for summer time!

Reviewed by Jackie.

***Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed in the review are my own and were not influenced in any way.***