Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Fun with B. Toys

 One of my very favorite toy companies is B. Toys. Their toys are unique , colorful, and fun. They appeal to children of all ages, and many of them encourage children to develop their art skills from an early age. With summer only  few weeks away, its always nice to find some fun new toys to keep the kids entertained for the long months that they will be home from school. At B. Toys, I found some really unique items that appeal to all my children, from 16 months to 10 years, and that I can feel good about giving them because they will encourage their creativity and help expand their young minds.

For our review, we received two fantastic toys. The first is the Jungle Jam, which is a jungle themed band in a box. My husband and I are both musicians and have passed the love of music onto our children, so they always love the chance to make a little noise. The Jungle Jam is perfect for us, especially since we regularly attend drum circles and the kids love to join in. It comes complete with 10 instruments:
  • Leopard conga drum with
    10-bell tambourine lid
  • Antelope slide whistle
  • Hornbill water whistle
  • 2 giraffe maracas
  • Croc cabasa & clacker
  • Twister hand drum
  • 2 snake drumsticks
I was amazed at the sound quality of the instruments. The drum, tambourine and shakers sound just as good as some of the handmade instruments in my husband's collection. The kids love  making their music, but they also love the jungle theme. The bright colors and animal shapes really appeal to the baby, and even the older kids had fun. The three of them were playing jungle band for hours.  When they are done playing, all the pieces can be placed inside the drum so nothing gets lost, making for easy and convenient storage. 

Another great option for the summer break is the You Hue. This is like a miniature desk that kids can use to bring their artwork to life. It comes complete with non toxic markers that have their own holders for easy access. Its small enough that its portable. So we can bring it to grandma's house or even in the car. There is lots of storage space on the sides for other craft materials and the desk top  opens up to store everything when you're done. My little artists love the You Hue because it gives them their own space to get creative. I love it because it keeps everything neat and organized and encourages their creativity. Its the perfect toy for rainy summer days when we can't get to the beach. Plus it would actually come in handy for serving meals in bed if kids are under the weather.  Gotta love a toy that is multi functional!
If you are interested in learning more about the Jungle Jam, the You Hue or any of the great toys available at B Toys, you can visit their website. To keep up with the newest products and promotions, be sure to become their fan on face book or follow them on twitter. If you are looking to make a purchase, their toys are available both online at Target and in their stores nationwide. The Jungle Jam is available exclusively through One Step Ahead. Check them out today and give your kids a reason to B happy this summer.

***Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a sample of the product to try in order to write a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way. ***