Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dream Essentials Review

Getting a good, solid night's sleep is essential. But its not easy when you're a mom. Luckily, Willow is a pretty good baby, and I get more sleep than most mom's who have an infant. But its still not always easy, especially when my husband comes in turning on lights and banging things around around 1am. On the other hand, he tries to sleep in until 9am which is next to impossible when by 7:30 there are six kids running around my house making noise. Well now, thanks to Dream Essentials, we are both getting a little more sleep.

Dream Essentials sent us two of their wonderful eye masks to try out, the The Natura and the Bamboo Breathe.  My husband and I each took one of the masks. The Natura also came with ear plugs, which I gave to him. I need to be able to hear what's going on, but for him, the earplugs alone are a godsend. Now he can't hear the baby fussing or the kids fighting, and he can get the rest he needs for a hard day on his feet. The masks help both of us block out the lights when we are craving the darkness. In addition, the masks make excellent tools for my clients to use when I am performing Reiki as they promote relaxation.

Dream Essentials has dozens of other amazing items that will help you get a deeper sleep and will help with general relaxation. Their body pillow is perfect for anyone, but will give an expectant mother a particularly good night's rest.  Their sound machines will offer soothing sounds that inspire sweet dreams. They even offer aromatherapy products to give you a complete all sensory experience.  Check out Dream Essentials today and remember what its like to get a decent night's sleep.

***Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a sample of the product to try in order to write a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way. ***