Monday, May 15, 2017

Magnetic Spice Tins

  • EASY ORGANIZATION- If you are tired of digging through your cabinets, shelves, and drawers to find the right spices while you are cooking then you have found the right spice rack! This simple, modern design, allows your spices to look amazing, in clear view on the wall, all the while making them simple to locate while cooking.
  • SIMPLE TWIST DESIGN- With a simple twist of the jar lid you can choose the large opening to pour your spices or the small opening to shake your spices. For full access you can twist the lid completely off.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – This set comes complete with 12 double backed stickers to firmly hold the stainless steel strips to the wall. NO NAILS OR SCREWS NECESSARY. Install your new spice rack in 5 minutes or less!
  • FREE BOOKLET AND FREE LABELS- Included with your spice tins/racks is Our 12 Favorite, Delicious, And Healthy Spices Booklet. Learn about some of the most popular, healthy, and delicious spices with our free booklet. FREE 16 easy peel labels. Easily locate your spices by labeling each tin with the name of the spice. If you change spices, don't worry, the labels easily peel off!
  • WHATS INCLUDED: 3 stainless steel racks that attach to any wall with 12 double sided stickers. This is a worry free simple install that does not require nails or screws! 12 stainless steel tins with magnets on the bottom to firmly stick to the stainless steel strips on your wall. 16 blank, easy peel, labels to keep track of your spices. Last but not least we have included for you a booklet with our 12 favorite, delicious, and healthy spices

My Thoughts

I make my own teas, and my daughter is in culinary school. Between us, we have a lot of herbs and spices lying around. We have so many that sometimes it's hard to find them.I have about ten different spice racks and organizers, but these magnetic spice tins are one of my favorites. Each of these cute little metal canisters have magnets on the back which allow you to stick them to metal. The containers have clear lids that allow you to see what's inside, but it also comes with labels so you're never in any doubt.

The set of tins comes with twelve different containers and a metal rack. The metal rack includes an adhesive that allows you to attach it to any surface in your kitchen. I decided to just attach the containers to my refrigerator. Its right next to the oven and frees up some counter space. Now, I can just grab my favorite herbs whenever I need them. The magnets are strong and can handle even a full container with ease. The design is sleek and functional and will work with any kitchen. If you are looking for a new way to keep your spices organized, check out the Magnetic Spice Tins on Amazon.


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