Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide - Monopoly Family Fun Pack for XBox One

MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack features an exclusive MONOPOLY game bundle for players to enjoy a modern twist to the well-known franchise. The pack includes MONOPOLY Plus, My MONOPOLY – an extension of MONOPOLY Plus that allows players to customize the classic and 3D boards, and MONOPOLY Deal – the delightfully addictive card game where your luck can change in an instant.

The MONOPOLY Deal card game is a new take on the fast-dealing property trading action of MONOPOLY. Players will compete against their friends and gamers from all around the world by playing Forced Deal, Debt Collector and Deal Breaker cards as they strive for victory.  The first player to gather three complete property sets of different colors wins the game. MONOPOLY Deal will be included in the MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack and available as a standalone download. 

The Family Fun Pack  contains a free Rabbids add-on content where players can enjoy a customized Rabbids board in MONOPOLY Plus. The Rabbids content will also include a boisterous Rabbids token to add to the MONOPOLY iconic token collection.

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My Thoughts 

 Finally, there's an game I can actually play with my kids! The Monopoly Family Pack is a fun family game that brings a classic board game to life on the big screen. You can have up to six players. Each one just has to take a turn with the controller. You can choose to play against the computer, or log on using Xbox Live to play with other people all over the world.

Playing this version of Monopoly is pretty much the same as playing the board game, except you don't have to worry about loosing pieces and there are fun special effects throughout. Playing with family was a lot of fun. Even the younger ones can take part.  I really love the option of being able to save the game. We all know how frustrating it can be to have to shut down the board game after it goes on for hours with no winner. You can't leave the physical game set up on the table for days on end, but now you can pick up right where you left off in this virtual version.


Playing online wasn't quite as much fun. If your opponent leaves, the game can end abruptly. My kids prefer playing with each other or against the computer rather than going online. We also had trouble getting it to connect online at all at times. It would freeze a lot of just refuse to connect. This was a little frustrating, but ultimately my kids are happy with the game, so I am as well.



Lisa Queen said...

Yay! Monopoly on the Xbox! Great fun!

Katherine Riley said...

We love to play the board game Monopoly. This could be a lot of fun on the Xbox!!!

Christina Easter said...

This is great! When we have company over, we can have game night without being cramped over a board. On the nights I want to play and the others don't, I can play vs the computer or on Xbox Live.

momo said...

We use to play this game all the time when the kids were younger-

Buddy Garrett said...

This sounds great. Being able to play Monopoly without the board sounds super.

lilyk said...

This game bundle looks very fun. Thanks for sharing!