Friday, December 17, 2010

Summary for the Back of "Destiny"

     In the young adult novel, “Destiny”, Gabriella is just trying to be an ordinary teenager.  She wants to have fun with her friends, plan for college, and find a date to the Valentine’s Dance, all while helping her friend Monte cope with his mother’s cancer and come to terms with his sexuality.   But there is another side to Gabriella.  Years ago when her mother was murdered, she buried a secret so deep that she doesn’t even remember it anymore.  Gabriella is a witch, and she will have to learn to let that power break free if she is going to save herself from the warlock who was responsible for her mother’s death.  He craves the power in her bloodline and hopes to recruit her to his coven and turn her to the dark side of magick. 
      The spirit of Gabriella’s mother tries to warn her that she is in danger, but Gabriella is too afraid of magick to let her in. Desperate to help her daughter, she finds another witch—one that just happens to be in love with Gabriella.  Darron takes on the seemingly hopeless task of convincing Gabriella that magick exists, while also trying to defend himself from the stronger and more experienced warlock who is not happy with his interference.
       Gabriella and Darron can’t deny the attraction that is growing between them, but the two young witches have more standing in their way than just an evil warlock. There are also overbearing jocks and snobby rich girls to contend with.  Hurt feelings and jealousies constantly seem to tear them apart whenever they make any progress.  
     Things all come to a head at the Valentine’s Dance when a dangerous situation finally forces Gabriella to accept her powers.  People will die and secrets will be revealed. Gabriella and Darron realize they have been pawns in a game that began long before they were born. Now they will have to destroy the warlock, save their friend’s dying mother, and learn the true power behind Wiccan magick if they will have any hope of fulfilling their destiny.